Let us be honest, most of us are not reviewing our exercise programs to see if they are affecting our performance in life or athletics.  Does the leg press or leg extension machine really make my quadriceps fire at the proper rate to help reduce joint reaction force??


As a physical therapist we are committed to keeping current on the latest research regarding lower body exercise. Thankfully for you reading this post I am going to attempt to highlight the latest evidence will the following bullet points:

    • Strength alone is NOT the key factor in maintaining lower body alignment
    • 8 components should be apart of your lower body exercise program for optimal function
    • Integration of the arms, legs and core during exercise is essential to proper walking and running
    • Exercises should be performed across all 3 planes of functional movement
    • End range motion control is essential to decrease injury risk
    • Those exercise bands everyone is using really do work (learn how)


If your leg routine has not been reviewed in a while, it might be time for an annual Musculoskeletal Assessment to be performed by your preferred physical therapist.


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